Pence-Wilson Training and Consulting, Inc......


Pence-Wilson Training and Consulting, Inc. is based on over 35 years of experience in law enforcement, child protection, and children’s mental health, as well as 25 years experience training and supporting others nationally and internationally. We strive to help others:

  • excel in working as teams and as individuals to protect children through conducting thorough best practice investigations, 
  • consistently make decisions using logic, critical thinking, research-based criteria,
  • work to assist children recover from abuse, neglect, and exposure to violence, 
  • reduce the likelihood of preventable system secondary trauma to the child and family, and,
  • reduce the risk of secondary traumatic stress for professionals working with maltreated children and their families. 



Donna Pence selected as one of Three Women in Blue Award Winners for 2013 by the San Diego Police Foundation